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The ABARTH ALLEMANO SPYDER was built in three versions between 1957 and 1959. The ABARTH ALLEMANO SPYDER RIVIERA represents the last of these three versions.

In contrast to the first two versions the car was built as COUPE SCORPIONE and as SPYDER RIVIERA.

The international press praised the car. But only a few of them were sold. The reason was, the car was too expensive: Twice as much as a PORSCHE 356.

Peter Vack writes in his "ABARTH Buyers Guide", there may have been only two or three Spyders built. I think that`s not right. I know about ten of them. Pat Braden and Greg Schmidt wrote in 1983: "The FIAT ABARTH 850 ALLEMANO RIVIERA is perhaps the best looking rear engined Abarth Spider ever built. If you can find one, pay the man what he asks" ABARTH 1983

They were right!

COUPE and SPYDER were first shown at the Geneve Saloon in 1959. ABARTH & Cie. sold only a few of them.

The rest of cars were sold by ALLEMANO to CISITALIA ARGENTINA ICSA in Buenos Aires without engine, gearbox etc..  CISITALIA was still existing in Argentina. The Spyders were sold as CISITALIA SPYDER ABARTH GRAN SPORT in Argentina. They have been equipped with original ABARTH 850 technique identical to the Italian version.

Only chassis numbers were different.

Coupe: 801/xxxx and Spyder 701/xxxx

The following red car is a CISITALIA SPYDER GRAN SPORT 850




CISITALIA SPYDER ABARTH GRAN SPORT under restauration by abarth-germany.de - chassisnumber 701/0011 with a ultra rare AH engine 833 ccm








Above annother similar car built in Italy, as 750 version changed into a racing spyder, which is still located in Italy:  FIAT-chassisnumber 774238.


copyright: Dr. Norbert Gelleschun