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FIAT ABARTH 850 TC "Nürburgring"



Auto d`Epoca Novembre 2007


In this magazin you`ll find the story about the car, offered below: One of three cars of a racing team in the north of Italy. Two of them have been silver and one was greeen, not typical for an ABARTH 850 "Nürburgring"




This is the car MI 809930, the green one, which I bought in 1988 from Antony Berni - BERNI MOTORI. 

Now the car is restaured, has got the original engine and matching numbers: FIAT ABARTH 214  *3320*.






The photos have been made by FIAT AG ® to promote the new STILO ABARTH with this  „FIAT ABARTH 850 TC Nürburgring“ in the year 2002.



Technical specifications:

engine: typ 214
ABARTH street camshaft
carburettor: Solex 32 PCIB
gearbox: serial
wheels: BORRANI 3,5 x 12
brakes: 12" GIRLING in front

German street registration










The first racing version of the FIAT ABARTH 850 TC was called FIAT ABARTH TC Corsa. This car was a pure racing car. In Germany it was sold by Erich Bitter in Schwelm.








Technical specifications:

engine: typ 214 Corsa
head: Version Corsa with doubble springs and larger valves
ABARTH sport camshaft
carburettor: Weber 36 DCD 10 - Nr. 553
gearbox: 4-gear sportsversion "Gruppeo 2"
wheels: CAMPAGNOLO Magnesium 4 x 12
brakes: 12" GIRLING in front
racing seat

German street registration












International Oldtimer Festival Nürburgring 1989


    Classic Car Race Zolder 1990

That was my second FIAT ABARTHG 850 TC, 1966, nice, narrow and fast. Unfortunately I destroyed this car 1993 at Zandvoort Cicuit coming out to fast of  the  Gerlach-Curve. So I overturned.

The technique survived. So years later a replica was ready: A replica styled like the FIAT ABARTH 850 TC Corsa from the year 1965/66. The following photo shows this car in a FIAT brochure of the year 2002.





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